Global Women's March: Together For A Bright Future

No one anticipated it and no one expected it. The largest un coordinated gathering of women in global history to support women's rights and oppose the current administration. One day after our new president was inaugurated, women, children ( and the men who love them ) took to the streets in villages, townships and cities to stand united as one. The most powerful message behind the imagery is what happens when people work together. Our forum ( to engage ) our library ( to educate ) and our website ( to inform ) has the power to spark a fire and start a movement albeit smaller to help end animal homelessness and reduce the chances of unwanted pets being the victim of organized pet theft. 

Although there was no apparent coordinated effort to retain the contact information of the protestors on the streets where they marched the message is clear: we understand the value of being a diverse voice of people who want a bright and inclusive future for all. What happened yesterday is just the start of progressive people from the blue and red states - from across the globe working together to send a message: we matter, we want to work together, we demand change. We hope you can see the value of supporting the Women's Movement and this platform for pet foster. You may find the article we found from Psychology Today about yesterday's march is a excellent piece to share with your organized group, workplace and classroom. We hope after reading it you decide to support our platformThe Details, h/t Psychology Today. ( thank You Reuters for bringing the world these inspiring images )