This Holiday Season, Please Adopt Don't Shop

Darius Up orange tabby cat

Do You Really Wish To Gift A Animal This Holiday Season?

Please do not gift a animal for the holidays unless you have fully considered the recipient and the animal's needs. Discourage your veterinarian from having "adoption events" on premises to drum up business. Unless they are working with a vetted shelter or rescue the audience for adoption at veterinary practice is limited. WHY? Homeless animals are more likely to be adopted into loving forever homes being viewed at a rescue or shelter where staff can introduce them to human visitors. ( Most ) people who visit a veterinarian go for medical reasons for their pets, they are not looking to adopt:).

Lost / Stolen Pets

Pets can't punch 911 on their cell phones if something is amiss - you can. If you see something say something. Pet theft is at it's highest during the holidays because: 1. Their owners are distracted with the holidays. 2. Unscrupulous people are out looking for pets to breed, abuse, gift and use for bait in dog fighting activities. 3. Pets take advantage of the chaos and do not resist the opportunity to "explore the great out doors". Be proactive all year you've loved your animals please don't let that be for nothing because you did not do all you can to prevent your pet from being lost or stolen. Remember to look out for the neighborhood pet - they would do it for you - be safe and happy holidays. Share your thoughts in our forum - thanks knowledge is power. Additional Resource, h/t Allstate 

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