Baby It's Cold Outside: Neighborhood Advocacy for Colorado's, "Winter Dogs"


If you have experienced being cold you know it is uncomfortable, most of us can tolerate being cold for short periods but find a way to get warm when our cold tolerance wears thin, the Krabloonik Dogs don't have that option. The dogs have ( fortunately ) been the subject of attention recently when it was discovered ( and proven ) the deplorable conditions  they are forced to survive, languish ( and die ) in. There is no such thing as a "Winter Dog" all dogs require warmth, food, shelter, compassion from humans and sanitary conditions to thrive. The thought of leaving my dogs outside in the unforgiving winter is unthinkable.


I am always fascinated, angry,  when I come across a story of animal abuse and neglect, why? Because in 2014 there are so many other ways in which people can earn a living or take out their frustration or transport themselves ( and their belongings ) which do not harm animals - aren't we all living on the same planet?.

The Krabloonic Dogs are what I call The "Neighborhood Pets" and should be part of a community who wants to foster and promote a climate which denounces this "tradition" among "Winter Sportsmen" Why?:

1. The Krabloonic Dogs are victims of greed, avarice ignorance and disrespect - the owner of this establishment has little respect for himself - which is why he thinks nothing of the way he treats the dogs - and called everyone who questions him a "fool.


2. Tourists are just as culpable - Krabloonic Dogs would not be and establishment if no one patronized the business. Why is it that other wise well intentioned people seem to forget all of their upbringing when they are "on vacation" ( this symptom also appears when tourists step in front of on coming traffic and "forget" to respect the red signal light which universally means to STOP!

3. Neighbors  of the Krabloonic Dogs "Who would kill someone if they hurt their dogs" seem to have displaced their knowledge of living beings aren't the Krabloonic Dogs - canines? Which feel pain, joy, hunger and hopelessness ( as any animal would who comes to know the world as a fearful monotonous place  ).


4. Law enforcement could take the same approach they would if they were pressured by n the community to do something  BEFORE the dogs started to bring negative attention to their other wise " family friendly community" . This terminology was used by southerners who ( publicly ) displayed avarice toward reporters who "mis interpreted our southern way of life". Let's call a spade a spade here - are the dogs being mistreated or not? In 2014 is it REALLY necessary to justify dogs living in deplorable conditions in sub zero temperatures? IS THIS HUMANE TREATMENT OF ANIMALS WHOM WE HAVE "DOMINION" OVER?

Answer this honestly question honestly and if you do not agree that dogs should be treated with the same humanity with which we treat persons with whom we differ in class, culture, language and political persuasion ask yourself this: If we do not speak up for those living beings with whom we have the power to help who will speak up for us? What will be our legacy what message are we giving to children? 


I have tried to live my life with cats, dogs and birds by giving them the care and dignity they deserve. Quietly I share what little i have with them and do my best to show them when ever I come upon them no matter how brief my encounter that they matter - life is a circle, the future of which we can not predict with certainty isn't it about time we give what little time we have on this earth to promoting compassion and concern for the Neighborhood Pet? You would not leave your best friend out in the cold, why would you think it is OK to leave your neighbors dogs in unbearable conditions? Can we please end the indifference some people demonstrate toward "winter dogs"?

Read More About Krabloonic Here - all images on this post are of the Krabloonic Dogs

Krabloonic Ice Age for Dogs

Update on Krabloonic

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
— Unknown Author