Steps To Safety: Household Hazmat For The Holidays

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Are you familiar with the sayings: "I'd rather be safe than sorry" or "Safety First" Good! than I don't have to remind you of how important it is to take the offensive when it comes to protecting your house, your family, visitors and the animals who share your home this holiday season. During this time of the year we all get so busy - with parties, gift giving, charitable donations and with our resolutions for the upcoming year - it's easy to forget the little things - those pesky little things that can mean the difference between life and death - for you and your pets.


Keep Your Family Safe:  Batteries - Lights - No Dumping harmful Liquids


Did you know that Batteries contain a variety of heavy metals and corrosive acid these toxic ingredients  may potentially cause burns  or injury to the skin and eyes. Rechargeable Lithium Ion  Batteries can pose a fire risk ( this is rare but be warned ) - these batteries can overheat and ignite if they fail. Lithium Ion Batteries  may be in your  mobile phones, notebooks , cameras radio controlled toys  ( cars and air craft ). ( source EPA )

The threat you don't see in your Lights

Mercury, an element found in common household items ( compact fluorescent lamps  batteries, tubes and thermostats ). A problem with mercury is that it is extremely toxic which can damage the brain and nervous system in fetuses and young children. What to do if a product  a compact fluorescent light breaks?

Remove pets and children from the area immediately.

Open windows and doors to ventilate the room(s). for at least 15 minutes before cleaning up the debris

Do not touch the glass and the powder with your bare hands. Use a soapy water solution to wipe up and dry contaminated areas until all surfaces are dry  ( use paper towels NOT a dish cloth unless you are planning to throw it away! You can use a bar of soap OR painters tape to pick up pieces of glass.

Place waste in a sealed container or double plastic bags and discard.

Not all liquid is created equal  ( or plays fair with our waterways )

By adding  a little water to harmful liquids do not make them "OK" to dump just anywhere. Hazardous Liquids do not dissolve easily and harmlessly in water ways - sewer drains etc. PLEASE do not dump harmful liquids ( including liquid drugs ) in the toilet and never place them in containers for the Garbage  man to pick up on garbage day. Contact your local Waste Management and or local government to find out how to dispose of hazardous liquids this will a. save the environment from one more open wound. b. prevent your animals and the neighborhood animals ( wild and urban ) from  threat of poison and c. teach your children ( who learn by example ) not do dump unsafe liquid just anywhere.

Source EPA

Despite the superficial aspect of the Holiday Season,  this time of year can be a fun, inspirational and reflective time take a moment  to  think, plan and look to the new year with great expectations -  of joy, peace, good health and a safe environment for our family and friends on two and four legs! Below is an info graphic with additional information about household dangers and how to prevent them from spoiling your Holiday Season.

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 Infographic courtesy