The Case of Little Black Kitty: Halloween Check In!

Black Kitties have more to offer beyond Halloween Lore!

Black Kitties have more to offer beyond Halloween Lore!

Little Black Kitty "Kit" as she had become known to her homeless friends, had managed to get out of the house she had grown to love via the back door and was on the prowl on All Hallows Eve looking for neighborhood "pets" who needed safe haven from the throngs of Halloween Celebrators who wanted to take their daily frustrations out on  the strays in their communities. Kit ducked and dove in the street  in neighborhoods close to the one she lived in and found several animals  - dogs, cats, and "domesticated" birds who needed shelter.

"I hate this weather" chimed a Cockatoo while putting on her sweater, she had been "accidentally" left out of her cage

"I am the perfect pet, and need a home  - I  am loving, can't they see that?" 

Cried a Snow Shoe Siamese as he climbed onto a sofa burying himself in-between worn pillows. 

 "I need someone to love" cooed a Dove on her last wing toppled by kids on the way to school. This dove wanted nothing more than a bird bath and a warm place to sun after one of her wings was sheared in two  ( she had been tossed about and finally thrown into a dry bird bath left with the remains of other birds who had perished ). 

"Come with me all who can stand I will take you to Safe Haven this Halloween!"  exclaimed the Little Black Kitty head held high hair blowing in the October wind.

"How do you know so much?" said the Dove

"Slow down  ( said the Cockatoo) what did you say something about safe haven"? 

"Don't try to impress me  ( clamored the Snow Shoe Siamese ) I want to know where I am going and what I am doing - where am I going to sleep?" 

Kit continued to lead the three homeless animals through the dark street in between the foot steps of the people who loved to play at and become "Halloween". Safe in her adoptive mothers home she dressed the fire, laid out the beds for the cat, dog and bird she had found and sat with them as they fell safe and sound asleep in her room.

"Thank you Kit, my wings are steady now and warm I will sleep soundly tonight I wonder  what I will dream about?"  ( ( snore, snorkel whishooo ) muttered the Cockatoo

"I see the fire dance and sparkle I will dance----- too"---- snore---- (  purred the Snow Shoe Siamese )

 "My love,  ( coo, coo ) it will be OK now you and I and Jr. will be safe coo, coo, coo" whispered the Dove , tucking his family in under the safety of the rafters in Kit's adoptive home ).

Kit, assured that she had done what she sent out to do this All Hallows Eve 2013 knew that despite her efforts many more homeless animals were left unprotected from the Halloween Goings On in her neighborhood Kit, leapt up on the bay window in the dining room and made a wish...

"Oh Great Pumpkin ( she heard this from the Charlie Brown Halloween Special on TV )  please keep all of the stray animals safe in my neighborhood and please open the hearts of people to foster animals on this day and the day after ( Day of the Dead ) to keep and protect animals from harm" Little Black Kitty became a legend in her neighborhood and she was only seen and heard from on Halloween. ( Her human friends, continue to put out blankets, food and water and have installed a kitty flap on their back door - the wishes of Little Black Kitty:).



"Halloween" and the Celebration of the "Day of the Dead"  are not holidays that are good for most animals well being. Let Shelters and Rescues know of stray animals - who might be  preyed upon during these "holidays"  Your thoughtfulness can make a difference in the life of  an animal and improve the reputation of your community - is your neighborhood what Alyssia  has labeled a "Pethood"?  a Pet Friendly and Environmentally Sound Neighborhood? Let us know, share your story - write to Have a safe and Happy Halloween.