To handle this new world, we need generational intelligence. The reason we struggle with other generations is not that they are “the problem.”
The reason we struggle with other generations is that we don’t understand them. We don’t know why they think differently, so we stereotype, criticize, or make jokes.

But when we start to understand another generation—rather than attempting to maneuver others into seeing things our way—we open ourselves to new possibilities of relating, helping, reaching, encouraging, and loving them
— Haydn Shaw, Sticking Points

Domestic Violence Safe Harbor Pet Foster - On Site

Pet Foster Parents are needed to care for pets of families living in shelters. Research has shown and experience from the field has proven, that women and children handle the stress of temporary housing significantly better when they can keep their family pets – safe and away from abuse. Although “pets on site programs” struggle to find space and resources, programs across America have managed ( despite fluctuations in the economy ) to help homeless families keep and be reunited with their pets. Pet Foster Support Network exists to connect well meaning disparate voices. Not by any means exhaustive visit the Safe Harbors Maps and find a shelter near you. We hope you found this database useful. Join our Pet Foster Support Network: Until I Find a Home.

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