What is Pet Foster?

Pet Fostering is the temporary care of animals who are homeless and or not ready to be adopted into a permanent loving home.Fortunately there are many shelters with coordinated pet foster programs around the country.  Below are two comprehensive manuals that represent foster programs that have made an impact on their communities: Reduced the number of animals euthanized and increased volunteer and donor support of local shelters and rescues.  Become a sustaining member @ $25.00/mo. to receive a customized newsletter with materials pertinent to your jurisdiction. Choose the "Other" amount AND elect to receive an additional newsletter of your choice. Be recognized as hero in our Leaders Circle. Champion pet foster, continue your education and save lives, join us♡.

Why Pet Foster, Why Not Adopt?

There are many reasons why pet foster may be just the volunteer opportunity you have been looking for:

You are single, and want to test the water before adoption.

You are retired and would like to support your local shelter / rescue.

You are a teacher or consultant and wish to lend your experience to a after school program as a pet foster to teach humane education.

You would like to get a “pet friend” for your pet but are not sure if this is a good idea.

You wish to help in a disaster relief situation, feel a benevolence toward animals and support animal welfare.

You want to do all you can to reduce the perennial problems of homeless animals.

You work with animals, and have the temperament, and experience to be a pet foster parent.


Each week, thousands of animals needlessly end up in shelters, pounds, slaughterhouses and as bait in dog fights through no fault of their own. Many shelters and rescue groups rely on networks of compassionate foster parents to provide a temporary home to pets that they would not otherwise be able to save, due to limited space. A vast majority of foster pets are happy, healthy animals who have had the mis-fortune to become homeless. Cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, rabbits and other animals need a safe, nurturing refuge until they find a new family to adopt love and care for them.

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