1. Is Pet Foster Support Network, tax exempt?

Yes. petfosterparents.org (Pet Foster Parents Support Network) is a program created and sustained by My Darling Theo Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization Tax ID 27-2642899

2. Do sustaining members influence Pet Foster Program goals?

Leadership Circle Members will meet to discuss and influence Pet Foster Support Network ( current ) / future programs, among other benefits.

3. Why is membership fee based?

Membership ( a recurring monthly donation ) in support of the Pet Foster Support Network ( Until I find a Home ) is fee based to maintain the resources that we offer pet foster parents to sustain your drive, and capacity as volunteers to shelter homeless animals, who would other wise be euthanized. Your membership dollars support the resources we provide and help grow our unique support network. We offer a opportunity to engage learn and share we will have a impact with your help effective communication among like minded people is the only way to reduce the homeless animal population in a productive way which benefit the animals and communities. Donate today and please encourage the organization you volunteer with to do the same:).

4. Is pet foster parents a shelter, can I surrender a animal?

Unfortunately - no, the Pet Foster Support Network is not an animal shelter. What we can provide is a list of shelters and rescues who provide pet foster programs in your area. If there is no pet foster program in your area you can post on our forum page pets that need foster homes on our bulletin board, we can assist with locating a pet foster parent.

Disclaimer the Pet Foster Support Network ( does not provide shelter services to the general public nor are we able to guarantee that your post in our forum: “Foster Me” will result in an immediate opening in a pet foster parents home.) 



Individual Recurring Monthly $15.00


Organizations Recurring Monthly $25.00 


Guardian Angel Monthly $35.00 


Leadership Circle Monthly $50.00