Corporate Good, Works! Underwrite Our Program


Support our network with in-kind donations, lending their expertise to our Leaders Circle or through funding opportunities. Partnering with us will benefit your business by introducing your products and services to our new and existing members and sends a message to communities across America that you support our work as volunteers and non profit leaders as we work to reduce the number of animals euthanized in shelters.        


Join us, united we will have a diverse customer and donor base which will increase the potential for lasting relationships B2B and B2C.

Let us promote your business to our unique network, build brand awareness and create customer loyalty. With corporate support we can launch chapters in cities across the US. 

Sponsor an event we will recognize the effort of our members with a Volunteer Recognition Awards Ceremony, Sponsor Local Network Opportunities and convene a Leaders Circle seminar series to influence best practices for pet foster, coordinate community outreach events and work across sectors to launch a national media campaign, we cant do it without you. A goal is a Q4 2017 launch a magazine unique to Pet Foster.



The Pet Foster Support Network – pet foster is a national program of My Darling Theo Foundation. your support is tax deductible.Partnering with our network will maximize your brand by giving you the opportunity to meet our supporters at the local and national level.



Our interactive content educates, informs and engages our members and visitors about our work and about the impact animal adoption has on communities. Connect with us, make a lasting connection with people who understand the value of the term: "Pet Friendly".  Pet Fosters provide temporary guardianship of homeless animals. Support from the business community through sponsorship and partnering opportunities, provide business owners with direct, long-term recognition of your brand, product and services. 



Our Members Identify with businesses that support their work as pet foster parents! Don’t miss out on an excellent opportunity to reach out to the growing number of tech-savvy pet foster parents and the organizations they volunteer with, which rely on and search for new products and services online. Create brand recognition among Pet Foster Parents across America! Request a media kit today, we'd love to hear from you!